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Lyrics & Chords/歌詞&コード

The first set of chords and lyrics are up. Please download them from the top of the page. More detailed lyrics, along with the general flow, will be up this weekend, God willing. コードと歌詞のファイルをアップします。ページのトップからダウンロードできます。


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2 new videos and more practice songs have been uploaded! Make sure to check them out ! プレイリストに曲と動画追加しました! Go to the top of the page to download the lyrics for "Be Lifted High" ページのトップから「かかげよう(Be Lifte

Here is the dress code for the Worship Team/Mass Choir. Just keep in mind that we will be standing for a long time on a stage with bright lights, so wear clothes that you will be comfortable singing,

Hello everyone. I just wanted to give you some tips as you go through the many songs. こんにちは!覚える曲がたくさんあるなか、皆さんにいくつかのアドバイスをしたいと思います。 ① If you are having trouble learning the lyrics, learn at least the f